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Reiki Advanced level 5-18 in English
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Reikimasters of the world.

There are 13 Grand Master Degree Levels in Reiki Grand master. You must have practiced as a Reiki Master for at least 6 months to take this course. This is "higher education" within this energy work. Certificate is issued after completion of the course and you can invite others to join this system, and teach them in this system. The manuals are in English, but can be given in norwegian to.

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Reiki levels 5 to 18 are not part of the traditional Usui Reiki system, or the teaching of the Reiki founder, Mikao Usui, but these amazing approaches have some very deep and powerful energies. These Reiki Grand Master degrees are referred to as secret degrees, and or higher master degrees. The energies are absolutely amazing to work with and very easy to use. Cathrine-Devida and Dag-Halvard Kristiansen will help you and follow you up in this energy work. You can take it online and join the course group we have. You should be dedicated to this

These powerful approaches include symbols that are "channeled" by our spiritual masters to improve humanity.

Reiki Grand Master Level 5.

The great harmony. This "kanji" heals the relationship with the universe and you can see it as a friend so you can get everything you want from it.

Reiki level level 6. The big separation. This "kanji" allows you to sift from anything that is not good for you, including people, possessing devices etc.

Reiki Level 7. The Great Harmony. This "kanji" heals the relationship with the universe and you can see it as a friend so you can get everything you want from it

Reiki Level 8. The Great Peace. This "kanji" gives complete inner peace through trust in God.

Reiki level 9.The big happiness. This "kanji" brings happiness through your own love and loving others unconditionally.

Reiki level 10.The big hope. This "kanji" restores hope through understanding the divine plan.

Reiki level 11. The great strength. This "kanji" provides great power to overcome difficult obstacles.

Reiki level 12. The great love. This "kanji" overcomes fear through acknowledgment of the Creator's great love, and opens the way through our problems.

Reiki level 13. The great teacher. This "kanji" awakens our inner spiritual teacher, giving guidance and wisdom.

Reiki level 14. The big eye. This "kanji" opens for transparency.

Reiki Level 15. The Great Way. This kanji shows us our true path.

Reiki Level 16. The Great Revelation. This Kanji gives an understanding of our future path and world changes, and the true meaning of what is written in Revelation.

Reiki Level 17. The Great Temple. This Kanji fully connects us to the spiritual world.

Reiki level 18. The great wisdom. This kanji provides enlightenment; a true vision of our unity, leading to full understanding of all spiritual teachings.
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Reiki 5-18. Grand Master Innvielser
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Reiki 5-18. Grand Master Innvielser
Det er 13 Grand MasterDegree manualer,innvielser i Reiki. Reiki-nivå 5 til 18 er ikke en del av det tradisjonelle Usui Reiki-systemet, eller undervisningen av Reiki-grunnlegger, Mikao Usui, men disse fantastiske tilnærmingene har svært dype og kraftige energier. Disse Reiki Grand Master Gradene refereres...
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